Selasa, 10 Maret 2009

International Finance

Need to calculate foreign exchange currency rates, here are the top three Websites:

- X-Rates

- Oanda

- XE

The Institute of International Finance, Inc. (IIF), is the world’s only global association of financial institutions. Created in 1983 in response to the international debt crisis, the IIF has evolved to meet the changing needs of the financial community.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) promotes sustainable private sector investment in developing countries as a way to reduce poverty and improve people's lives.

The International Finance Discussion Paper (IFDP) prepared from United States Federal Reserve Board Staff working papers.

The World Bank Group is one of the world's largest sources of development assistance working in more than 100 developing economies, bringing a mix of finance and ideas to improve living standards and eliminate the worst forms of poverty.

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