Minggu, 08 Maret 2009

the city tourism Kebumen

the city tourism Kebumen, Central Java to the south where I live. In the region, especially in Kebumen Gombong, there are many tourist places such as: Van Der Wijck fortress citadel relic that is the current Dutch Makeover already in place so that modern but still have so preoccupied the main elements no longer play because there are gardens, a swimming pool, children's play arena - children, the hotel restaurant, meeting rooms and other - other hand, there is also in the northern gombong, Reservoir Sempor that the landscape can be a good down from the mountains, there are houses, lakes, parks occupied the main course, if teus to Gombong south coast have Suwuk beach and Karangbolong beach and many more one of the West Cave Jatijajar Gombong have a great, much more.

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