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Stage your Property for Sale

Whether you plan to sell your house to purchase a new one, or you need lots of money urgently to tide over financial exigencies, or wish to get rid of your troublesome tenants, or simply because you intend to relocate – do it with a little bit of planning. Even if the need for sale is too pressing, do not follow the concept of distress sale, selling the house for whatever you are being offered. Devise ways in which you can make the house presentable, because the buyer will always want to find value for his money.

Present your house well
Apply the fundamental concept of any sale to your house sale and make your house presentable. You need to view your house critically, from the buyer’s perspective. If need be, spend few pennies on small repairs such as trimming the hedges and cutting the lawn. Also consider giving your house a little bit of touch-up or get it painted. It surely pays to present the house for sale as a neat and well-kept hotel room.

Brighten the house
To make the atmosphere of your house bright, remove all the clutter and unwanted stuff in the rooms. Organize all the elements of the house for sale to make it look more attractive.

Lighting is an important part of interior d├ęcor, so you make it a point to fix designer lights with vibrant colors that can add to the rooms’ visual appeal. If you want to give the buyer a personalized experience and want to make him feel as if he has been staying there, remove all the personal pictures and replace them with pleasing paintings or artifacts of different prints and decors.

Seek Professional Help
If you find it difficult to do all this staging work by yourself, then discuss this with your property agent. He may help you to find a home staging professional, who can direct you to make the desired changes in your house. If the need be, he may also take up the execution responsibility on your behalf for a fees.

Many a times, the agents may help you to hire a stager and incorporate his services within the property deal itself. Such value-added services are gaining significance, as agents may not like to disclose to the buyer short-comings of your house or the need for its renovation, since it can cause displeasure to the buyers. The staging professionals work according to the buyer’s perspective to make them fell like all their belongings fit into the new house perfectly. They make the desired changes as per the taste and requirement of the purchasers.

Strike the deal
Many sellers may feel such a deal would be an extravagant affair, but if you compare the returns of a staged property to that of an unkempt house, the deal may be alluring. So, don’t give it a second thought and start the work now.

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